Craig Guthrie
Craig Guthrie - B COM, B PROC, Dip Insolv Prac (Attorney)

Admitted in 1998, Craig specialises in all aspects of litigation, property and commercial law, property development, business rescue, debt recovery, insolvency and liquidations.

E:     M: +27 82 493 6058

Lara Maria Colananni
Lara Maria Colananni - BA LLB (Attorney, Notary Public & Conveyancer)

Admitted in 1997, Lara specialises in property law, property development, all aspects of conveyancing, sectional title and agency, commission disputes, Notarial Contracts and Antenuptial Contracts.

E:     M: +27 82 300 9519

Frank Guthrie
Frank Guthrie - B PROC (Attorney & Notary Public)

Admitted in 1965, Frank specialises in property law, land development, estates, estate planning, drafting of wills, administration of estates, establishment and administration of trusts, winding up of deceased estates and all general aspects of law and contracts.

E:     M: +27 82 492 8491

Donald Moore
Donald Moore - DipLaw (Attorney, Notary Public & Conveyancer)

Admitted in 1969, Donald enrolled as an attorney of the Supreme Court of England and Wales (non-practicing). He specialises in property law; all aspects of conveyancing, Notarial law and wills.

E:     M: +27 82 042 0407

Jean De Beer
Jean De Beer - LLB LLM (Attorney)

Admitted in March 2010, Jean specialises in general litigation, commercial law, property litigation, contract drafting, NCA & CPA.

E:     M: +27 83 564 1918


Melissa Webb
Melissa Webb - LLB (Attorney, Notary Public & Conveyancer)

Admitted in 2008, Melissa specialises in sectional title developments and ancillary work related thereto with experience in township establishment, consolidations, subdivisions, transfers (commercial and residential), bonds and Notarial Contracts including Antenuptial Contracts.

E:     M: +27 84 810 7466

Peter Otzen
Peter Otzen - BSoc Sci LLB

Peter Otzen holds a Bachelor of Social Science and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Cape Town, and is an admitted Attorney specialising in commercial High Court and Magistrate Court litigation. He has experience in commercial & labour arbitrations, international commercial disputes, partnerships, business rescue proceedings, contractual interpretation, rental housing disputes and occasional family law matters such as divorce involving children and maintenance disputes (both domestic and international). In addition, Peter has had experience in the drafting of commercial agreements of sale and lease.

Prior to joining the Firm as a Candidate Attorney, Peter was employed as a Parliamentary Research and Support Officer working with one of South Africa’s major political parties, during which he advised and supported many Members of Parliament, with whom he still remains in regular contact.

For fun, he enjoys hiking, camping, water sports, clay-pigeon shooting and reading.

M: +27 72 511 3492

Helette Louw
Helette Louw - B.Com, LLB (Attorney)

Admitted in 2016, Helette specialises in general litigation, family law and collections. Helette joined the firm as a candidate attorney in August 2015.

E:     M: +27 73 162 6927

Chelsea Lee Hartle
Chelsea Lee Hartle - LLB, LLM

Chelsea completed her LLB and LLM at Stellenbosch University in 2013 and 2015, respectively. While completing her Masters, she worked as a facilitator for the Training and Development Department at Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust. On completion of her studies, she set off to trek in Nepal. Shortly after her return, she commenced her clerkship at Guthrie • Colananni Attorneys.

E:     T: +27 21 701 3860 (ST)