Insomnia is serious, impairing your logical reasoning, executive function, attention, and mood, with a risk in serious cases of depression, anxiety, and symptoms of paranoia. In the long run, sleep deprivation is a main contributor to the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Chronic insomnia has even been linked to a shorter life span – it can literally kill you.

And it’s common – that’s perhaps not surprising given the hectic, information-overloaded lives many of us lead. In fact, over a third of us regularly report problems with falling and staying asleep.

What is surprising is that there’s one group of people who reportedly sleep better than anyone else – senior executives. In fact, the more senior a person’s role, the more sleep they get. Which seems deeply counter-intuitive – surely the higher up the corporate ladder you go the more stress you are under? And the more stress, the more lying awake at night tossing and turning and fretting?

So how do these captains of commerce and industry do it, and how can everyone else join them?

Mindful Magazine’s article “Senior Executives Get More Sleep Than Everyone Else” here reveals all, with some guidelines (and a simple breathing exercise audio clip) on how to achieve this trainable skill.


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