“People who complain about taxes can be divided into two classes: men and women” (Anon)

  • How long will you work for the taxman today?
    Input your salary into the 2019 Tax Clock calculator and find out how many hours you will spend today working for the taxman, and at what time precisely you will finally start working for yourself (warning – it’s not pretty!).
  • How will your income tax change?   
    Put your monthly taxable income into Fin24’s Budget 2019 Income Tax Calculator to find out.
  • How much extra will your sin taxes cost you this year? 
    Work out how much more you will be shelling out for spirits, wine, beer and cigarettes (or how much you will be saving if you don’t indulge!) with Fin24’s Budget 2019 Sin Tax Calculator.
  • Your Pocket Tax Guide “From the Horse’s Mouth”   
    Download the official SARS Budget 2019 Tax Guide from the National Treasury website here.