Guthrie Colananni Attorneys is a high performance firm managed by Craig Guthrie and Lara Colananni. Craig is an astute fourth generation attorney from the Guthrie family who have been contributing to the practice of law in the Western Cape for over 116 years.


In 1894 Francis Alexander Charles Guthrie was admitted as an attorney and founded the firm Guthrie & Theron in Hermanus and Caledon. You will see the firm operating on the Hermanus Main Road and surrounding towns. The firm’s partners attribute its longevity to the consistent delivery of quality legal advice and client focused services.

Our mission is to maintain our standards of excellence and personal care. These are the attributes that are the cornerstone of our reputation. We will continue to deliver professional legal services with integrity, prudence and humility.


  • To provide an excellent standard of service and remain cost effective.
  • Conduct the affairs of our clients with a sense of purpose and integrity at all times.
  • Provide legal services with an unwavering commitment to quality and relevance.
  • Always anticipate and adapt to change in the market and the society in which we practice.