Our conveyances love nothing more than keeping deals together, supporting clients through difficult transactions and delivering exceptional service at lightning speed.

You will find our innovative ideas, cost effective solutions and respected opinions scattered all over the country’s public media.

Having over 4 decades of experience between them, our conveyancers handle residential, commercial and industrial transfers, bonds and developments across the country. They have refined drafting skills, dispute resolution skills and have been known to perform magic from time to time.

Give us a call to find out what solutions our conveyancers can offer you.

List of Services


i.   Residential and Commercial

ii.  Developments

iii. Sectional Title Developments

iv.  All Transfers and Bond Registrations

v.   Drafting Contracts required for Real Estate transactions

Notarial Practice

i.   Antenuptial Contracts

ii.  Authentication of documentation for international use

iii. Notarial Bonds

iv.  Notarial Agreements of Servitude, Exclusive use, Lease

Please call our notaries for any notarial assistance you may need.